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We are here to help you practice safe and effective bird control.

People don’t often think of birds as pests, but in some cases, birds can become a significant nuisance. If bird control is necessary, our team at RZ Termite & Pest Control is ready to help!

Bird Control in Ocean Township, New Jersey

Nesting birds can cause hazardous issues for your home, including blocking dryer vents, stove vents, and chimneys with their nesting materials. Nesting birds can also become very defensive, attacking you or visitors to your home. In this case, it’s best to initiate bird control by removing the nest. However, there is no guarantee that the birds won’t attempt to nest in the same location again. If this occurs, stronger methods of bird control may be needed.

With bird control, especially bird removal, it’s always necessary to identify the bird species in case it is endangered or protected. Then, if the bird can be removed and relocated, this is a best practice. Bird control can involve many removal methods, including trapping, wire, tape, and more. Prevention and exclusion are the only ways to remove birds from your area and keep them away for good!

Bird control prevention and exclusion can be practiced by blocking off entrances that may tempt birds to nest, including chimneys, ducts, and ventilated roofing. Additional modifications may need to be made to specific structures to make them less desirable to the birds or unsuitable for living. Repellants can also be an effective measure in long-term bird control.

Our professional team is here to help Ocean Township, New Jersey residents practice safe and effective bird control. Schedule a service by contacting us today!

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