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Our team at RZ Termite & Pest Control can provide flea control in your home.

Fleas are tiny parasites that feed on the blood of animals and humans to stay alive. Fleas are most commonly found on birds and mammals, but they can move to human hosts when they’re brought into a home by a pest or animal. When they find an acceptable host, fleas also reproduce quickly, which can create an infestation of these bothersome creatures before you know it. If an animal has fleas, you might see an increase in itching or that it exhibits signs of discomfort. When fleas have taken up residence in your home, signs include black specks on the bedding, carpet, or furniture and raised or itchy red welts on the skin.

Flea Control in Long Branch, New Jersey

At the first sign of a flea infestation, it’s important to take two main steps. The first is to address the problem on the host of the fleas, which is likely your pet. Animals can get fleas when they go outdoors or get too close to other animals. A veterinarian can prescribe treatment for the fleas on your animal’s skin and coat, and this is a critical step in proper flea control. The next step is bringing in a professional flea control company to get rid of the fleas in your living space. The two steps should be completed around the same time, or you could end up with more fleas on the treated animal as they move from the house to the host.

Here in Long Branch, New Jersey, our team at RZ Termite & Pest Control can provide flea control in your home. We don’t treat animals, but we do take care of the problem when the fleas have taken up residence in your living space.

At RZ Termite & Pest Control, we offer flea control services in Ocean Township, Manalapan, Brick Township, Jackson Township, Toms River, Long Branch, Rumson, Colts Neck, Asbury Park, Monmouth Beach, Eatontown, and Neptune, New Jersey.