Carpenter Bee Treatment, Ocean Township, NJ

Carpenter bees are no match for our team!

Residents of Ocean Township, New Jersey can rely on our team at RZ Termite & Pest Control to tackle any carpenter bee treatment you need. Although carpenter bees are excellent pollinators, they are known for causing damage to softer woods like pine and cedar with the holes they bore. Many people mistakenly think the bees are eating the wood they drill into. However, the bee is actually creating a tunnel system to keep warm in the winter and lay eggs in the spring.

Carpenter Bee Treatment in Ocean Township, New Jersey

This is where the carpenter bee treatment comes into play; the tunnels the bees dig can be highly damaging to your home and other wooden structures. Year by year, the carpenter bees revisit the tunnels, making them deeper and deeper. This, in turn, extends the damage further and further into your woodwork.

Signs it may be time for a carpenter bee treatment can include 1/2 to 3/4-inch circular holes “drilled” into wooden structures, sawdust piles near the drilled holes, a yellow substance near or around the hole, and temperamental carpenter bees nearby, which are the males protecting their territory.

Pesticides specifically formulated for carpenter bee treatment and insecticides prevent the larvae from reproducing. This is best left to a professional, as protective clothing, gloves, and eyewear are recommended.

Call us today to schedule your service if carpenter bees are causing you problems. Our professional team is here to keep Ocean Township homes bee-free!

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