Yellow Jacket Control, Ocean Township, NJ

Let us get rid of those pesky yellow jackets!

Although yellow jackets usually do not pose a threat to humans unless provoked, a yellow jacket hive near your home can be a problem. In that case, yellow jacket control is in order. Yellow jackets typically build their nests underground, but a few species will build nests in tight spaces or crevices around your home. Yellow jackets are especially attracted to gardens or trash cans, as they often feed on sweet substances containing sugar.

Yellow Jacket Control in Ocean Township, New Jersey

Yellow jackets sting multiple times, unlike bees or wasps, making them much more problematic. In addition, they have smaller bodies, are narrower than bees, and are not efficient pollinators like bees. Yellow jackets are much more aggressive than bees and tend to sting more frequently. This makes them more of a nuisance than welcomed addition to your garden and pose an even greater reason to implicate yellow jacket control.

Yellow jacket control can be implemented in many ways, including sprays, traps, foams, and baits. However, working with foams and sprays around a large colony can be dangerous; this is why yellow jacket control is best left to a professional.

Once the yellow jackets have been professionally removed, you can take preventative measures to keep them from returning. For example, keep your trash cans clean and completely closed, store pet food in airtight containers, spray previous nest spots with soapy water, and avoid overly floral or sweet-smelling body products, candles, or fresheners outdoors.

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